Virgin Sex

Virgin Sex

Virgin Sex - this can be the most awkward question in teens life – about the first sex. What to do?

No matter how many books we had read. What our friends had told us. No education will help.
Parents? Can't advice. Whom to ask?


So what to doooooo?

Imagine a situation. You are the first time with your loved one. She's gorgeous. You want to please her. Failure is not an option. What is the right thing to do?

You have no idea. And most likely she hasn't got one either. But you don't know what she knows.
And she doesn't know what you know as well. None of you has an idea what to expect. Just a hope.

Let's get into action....

The purpose of Virgin Sex article? -- To make your life easier and make your first time experience pleasurable.

There are several possibilities --

You both have no experience. One of you already has some.

We men do not want to admit any weakness. That's from nature. But it may help as well. Believe it or not.

If you tell your partner, you have no experience but you want this 'first time' to be great for both of you she will appreciate your concern and honesty.

You ask her to be open and giving you feedback.

It is very difficult to be upfront like this because we feel insecure what might will happen. However, I have to assure you, even the most experienced partners need feedback if they intend to have a great sexual experience.

Human body is so complex and each person has completely different sexual requirements. And much, much worse - these tend to change all the time, even during day, from minutes to minutes!
So actually your partner doesn't even know what is good for her because it may all had changed suddenly.

That's why feedback is so important. Sometimes it feels very exciting in one place, other times it doesn't excite there at all.

This is why you have a genuine excuse to ask. By asking questions you will demonstrate your knowledge and your strength.

Some people pretend. Fake. They use great words. They know it all. And that's a mistake. Wouldn't you prefer to enjoy erotic sex? To have the best sex?

Your partner will appreciate if you ask questions. What she/he enjoys or likes. Do not worry. If you want to please her/him, this is the sure way of doing it.

If you are young (man) it is perfectly normal to have orgasm in very short period of time. Unfortunately this is the case.

But it is important that you and your girlfriend will understand this is perfectly natural. Both of you need to relax about this. Because this is one of the demonstrations of nature in most silly ways.

The first -- the Virgin Sex does not have to be perfect. It takes time to learn. Relax.

It has to do a lot with hormones and things which are simply beyond your control.

As it all was pre-arranged to make our lives miserable (take this with a humour, ok?).

We will need to discuss these in more articles. Perhaps about premature ejaculation, etc.

Why is it all of this so ironic? At young age there is a problem with premature ejaculation - you think about vagina and you have an orgasm...

When you are older and you wear a condom, you won't even have a lasting erection. Condom will reduce sensitivity a little. This will in turn make your penis become limb.

Now isn't this crazy?

But you can find a balance.

The number one with woman is an open communication. You preferably have some knowledge (from the following pages) about differences between sexes.

And even more importantly - you ask questions. This way Virgin Sex will become more predictable and enjoyable!

It looks holidays have to do a lot with time to lose virginity.
While in the Southern hemisphere most lose virginity during December, in the Northern hemisphere it is during June.

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