How to stop masturbation

by Hari


I’m 24, male, I have been doing masturbation for the past 6 year and I wanted to stop it but cant.
Can anyone help me out and I want to that know whether it’s good or bad to my health??

Suggest any healthy diet.


Tibor’s reply:

It is good for your health. Many feel guilty about it because we got wrong information.
Relax. You don’t need to stop. Just enjoy it. Even married couples masturbate. Women and men.

So don’t feel guilty about it at all. Diet? Salads and vegetables are great.
Meat is good for protein.

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Is it a sin?
by: Anonymous

Well it is a sin. Yes, it's okay for your physical health, but bad for your spiritual health.

Do you masturbate?

Is it a sin?
by: Anonymous

Well is it a sin to masterbate if ur a Christian?


No. It is not a sin. Masturbation is healthy.
You would go mad without it.

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