Average Teen Penis Size

Average teen penis size by age is one of the most frequent questions asked by teenagers during various stages of puberty.

What is the difficult part to be objective about it?

It would be a lie if any person would say he/she had an answer.

Growth during puberty is very unpredictable. Though it has a pattern and we know what to expect, no one can guarantee the same will happen to you. We don't know if you will continue in your current trend, for how long and with what result. We can say it is only a speculation.

And same applies to teenage penis size.

Almost everyone wants to know what to expect. How long my penis will continue to grow? And how much?

The table below shows an average teen penis size by age.

Average Teen Penis Size by Age

Average Adult Size Penis

When we talk about penis size we always tend to refer to length. Penis girth size is very important!
For your information 5 inches in girth (that is 12.7 cm in circumference) is about average for an adult.
It is reasonable to expect 4.5 inches in girth (that is 11.4 cm) for 13-15 years old.

But just because it is average it doesn't mean you will follow the same pattern. We have our wishes and desires. And with it we hope to be good in all aspects.

It is necessary to accept and come to terms with a fact that practical world is different. Sometimes we have shorter penis, sometimes huge. No person is same.

Thanks to a tremendous advance in information technology we have ways to make changes if odds are against us. This was impossible just a few decades ago.

What to do when we feel our penis is small? As a teenager the most important thing is to swallow our pride and consult a doctor. He might be able to help while you are still in puberty.

If he tells you that your 3, 4 or 5 inches long penis is normal for you and you can satisfy a woman with it he is only repeating some 'poem' (bull...) from some outdated books he had read.

Later this option will not be available. So do it.

Once an adult, 18+ you may consider joining one of natural penis enlargement sites. What for? To enlarge it to desired size with exercises. You will achieve also more sexual stamina. I have to mention one important fact in order you will not misunderstand at any point of your life - penis is not a muscle. For now just remember it.

You are the owner of your penis and you know what is good enough for you. It is important to be comfortable during an intercourse. Without stress. And that will happen only when you are properly filling her vagina. In other words; you are comfortable with the size of your penis.

The size of vagina is of same importance. And alas, they vary in size as does the size of penises.

You may read article on Ideal Penis Size for more information.

How to increase the penis size? How to straighten curved penis? How to increase our sexual stamina? And much more (opens new window)

If you have any questions, comments or stories on subject, why not to fill in the INVITATION form included below? It doesn't have to be on subject of the average teen penis size only.

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