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Teen-Questions.com is a close-up look at zillions of questions teenagers are facing at some point of time in their lives.

I had just remembered I had to rely upon advice of my friends who knew just a little more. It did not necessary mean they actually 'knew'.

I would have given anything to have right answers when I needed them. Let's dedicate this site to those seeking direction. If it helps only ten percent of readers it was worth creating it.

What would any site mean without your input? It would be just pure - one way talk.

Therefore I encourage you to ask questions which you rather not ask even your friends.
Here, there is no need to identify yourself by name. It will be helpful though to have some basic information such as which country you are from. But that is all up to you.

While browsing occasionally through various forums such as yahoo.answers or wikianswers I was left in disbelief regarding quality and relevance of many answers. People asking for help are being turned down by numerous arrogant replies.

The purpose of this site is to see over the quality of questions and answers. All of us we have times when we are facing a problem and we can’t see the way out. Be it a relationship problem or question about sexuality you are welcomed to participate.

To ask a question, or tell your story, simply fill in one of the submission forms provided on the following pages.

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Teen questions site map
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Site mission -- To be worth of living.To have values and to provide them.To be different and to make that difference.
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